Sherwood Glove Code TMP PRO



Viconic Impact Protection - 3D molded, ultra resilient material designed for repeat impacts. Its patented structure allows for superior airflow and movement without sacrificing protection.

Comfort Wrap - Added comfort in key areas which minimize friction that may cause discomfort.

COP-r29 - Anti-microbial liner that is scientifically proven to reduce bacteria and microbes which cause odor. Copper particles are embedded within the fabric?s yarns that remain effective over the lifetime of the product  pads to reduce bacteria growth and control odor.  

AX Suede Palm - A palm that has been engineered with high abrasion materials for an increased level of durability. The palms have also been designed with an immediate game ready feel and exceptional moisture management to ensure a super comfortable feeling glove from day one.

Sherwood Glove Code TMP PRO

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