Sherwood Stick Rekker Legend 2 PP88 (W05)




DuoFire kick point - New ERGO TAPER SHAFT featuring low kickpoint with secondary flex zone allows players to load and fire shots like never before.

BlacklineXXV - 25,000 filaments in a square inch of carbon fiber creating a super strong and flexible weave which enhances durability.

Pyrofil Carbon Fiber by Mitsubishi - Revolutionary, lightweight carbon fibre created by Mitsubishi that greatly enhances durability and feel.

ETS Ergo Taper shaft shape - allows the stick to sit in the player?s hands more comfortably giving them better control for dangling past opponents.

Featherlite XT - A precision measured handmade layup process creating the perfect balance point to maximize power, weight and feel - reduces unneeded weight in the blade and lower shaft to create the optimal balance point.

I92 dampening inlay strengthens the blade and improves the feel for both tape to tape passes and shooting bar down. VR92 - I92 insert in center of blade only.

Tactile grip application.

Sherwood Stick Rekker Legend 2 PP88 (W05)

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