Sherwood Goal Stick Rekker Legend Pro PP41




Silverline XXV - Unique, high performance spread tow fabric reduces weight and increases strength..  

Pyrofil Carbon Fiber by Mitsubishi - Revolutionary, lightweight carbon fibre created by Mitsubishi that greatly enhances durability and feel.

UniFrame Paddle - Unique monolithic construction allows Sherwood to reduce weight and achieve a pure flex profile across the shaft and paddle. The design dampens vibration and controls rebounds like never before.

Featherlite XT - A precision measured handmade layup process creating the perfect balance point to maximize power, weight and feel .

G Fire Kickpoint - G-Fire Mid-Kick flex profile allows goalie to load shaft without losing control of paddle. Allows for crisp and accurate puck moving, no matter if you?re trying to make a break out pass or maybe even shoot for the open net at the other end of the rink.

G92 - Provides vibration dampening while adding toughness to the heel area of the blade.

Go Zone - 3D grip texture on the shaft allows for better control and more power.

Sherwood Goal Stick Rekker Legend Pro PP41

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