Covert QR5 Pro Stick Gallagher Max (M28)

SKU: WQR51M28-85R


EDGE TAPER | The angular edge taper drives flex energy through
the hosel, magnifying power and quick release. Our unique
geometry improves response, is more stable and plays stronger.

MINIMUS CARBON UD | Covert QR5 Pro shaft is lighter and
tougher than ever. Unidirectional carbon fiber creates the most
efficient, lightweight and durable hockey stick.

R.L.C. 188 | Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 188 is our
highest grade construction and uses the most advanced material
selection and processing technologies to produce an extremely
lightweight and durable stick. RLC188 combines the latest in
modern carbon composites technology ? using lower weight
fibers and thermoplastic-toughened epoxy resin to provide
optimal performance and balance.

FUELCORE ULTRA | New redesigned blade. FuelCore Ultra reduces
breakdown of materials in the blade and increases the durability
and feel. Our lightweight polymer blade core enhances puck feel
and pop. Now with our Minimus Carbon 25 weave around the
core, the blade is lighter and tougher than ever. Texture on the
blade increases grip on the puck.

SLIDE GRIP | Textured zones only where you need them to
provide optimum grip and control. Removing the texture from
areas you don?t making it easy to slide your hands for poke
checks, face offs, and puck battles.

Covert QR5 Pro Stick Gallagher Max (M28)

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