Alpha LX2 STRIKE Stick Backstrom (W03)

SKU: WLX025W03-30L


SABRE TAPER II | Our exclusive taper design is torsionally stronger, combining  low kick response with a powerful and accurate release. This easy to load design provides a quick release and pinpoint control on shots. 

R.L.C. 111 | Revolutionary Lightweight Construction 111 is a standard-grade carbon construction that is optimized for durability and balance. High strength carbon  is used throughout to provide the ultimate in strength and the blade is perfectly balanced to deliver an optimal feel. 

MINIMUS CARBON | Flat weave carbon design that provides excellent feel for all parts of the game. 

ERGO SHAFT SHAPE | The ergonomic contour shaped shaft fits comfortably and securely in your hands enhancing touch and feel for better deking, dragging, and shooting. GRIP | A tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for peak hand control

Alpha LX2 STRIKE Stick Backstrom (W03)

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